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Updated: May 11, 2022

March didn’t exactly go out like a lamb, but we’re ready for April. Snowmobiles are heading back into storage while ATVs and motorcycles are being tuned up. Skis make way for bicycles. The kids get a week off for April vacation, and the college students cut loose for Spring Fling. With so much going on, you’re going to need snacks.


May flowers aren’t the only things that April showers bring. Take a scenic drive, and watch New Hampshire come back to life: The Kancamagus Highway, The Lakes Region Scenic Byway, and The River Heritage Tour are all great local options. Stop by CSM for sandwiches, drinks, and snacks for the road!


April in New Hampshire tastes like maple syrup, fiddleheads, and marshmallow peeps. What are your favorite April flavors? Lamb with mint jelly, chocolate eggs, smoked salmon, or matzo ball soup? Whatever your taste buds are calling for this month, we have a wine to pair perfectly with it.


It’s finally warm enough to enjoy the yard again! Raking last year’s leaves and playing Bottle Bash is thirsty work. Pick up some chips and a six-pack to help keep you going as you reinvigorate your backyard vibe.

We're promoting snacking — BRING ON THE CHIPS!

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