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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The kids are back to school, and the university is in full swing — what a great time to refresh those traditional cooking skills.

Try your hand at pancakes with just a few essential ingredients from our shelves and your pantry


Get your ducks in a row as summer fades and fall begins. Stock up on after-school snacks, Sunday lunch side-dishes, and mid-week luxuries to get you through this hectic month.


CSM has some quiet moments throughout the day that make our tables the perfect spot for a bite to eat while you catch up on your homework, daily news, or just reading for fun!


Don’t forget to appreciate your four-legged friends. Treat your doggo to some limited time only Buddy Softies, or maybe grab some cold cuts for a fresh snack for Fido!


Life is full of flavors! Explore some new ones with us. Try some of the fun mustards and jams from Terrapin Ridge Farms. Their dill pickle mustard will bring that extra something to your sandwiches, potato salad, or deviled eggs!

We just want you to rep our swag :)

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