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While seven months out of the year have a full 31 days, March in New Hampshire can feel like a slog toward spring. The weather is still generally cold, and the blossoms are fast asleep. However, there is plenty to love about March. This month, we’re embracing a wide variety of holidays and days of recognition, from the well-known to the obscure.


March Madness means getting together with friends to watch the game. But when the stakes are high and your bracket is on the line, some stress snacking may be in order. Chips and snack mix to the rescue!

You could also make your own puppy chow or muddy buddies if you’re feeling sweet and salty.


Weather in March is unpredictable. At 7 AM, you’re wearing your puffy coat; by noon, you’re out in a t-shirt. One day, you’re drinking iced coffee; the next day, you’re sipping a hot mocha grande. Go with the flow, and get snacks.


March is the time of year when college students drop their books and head out of town for a little R&R. Hit CSM before you hit the road for car snacks! Or drop by to get a bus ticket if you’d rather pop in your earbuds and zone out for the ride to wherever you’re going.


As the snow melts, the ground gets soft. Plus, the sand and salt from the last few months find their way onto our shoes and into the house. Spring cleaning got you down? Cheer up with some snacks and drinks — we always have something special in stock.

Bring on the snacks!!!


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