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Food and drinks are always in season! This year, get in touch with food trends and try new things! Will butter boards be The Next Thing, or will there be a tinned fish revolution? What’s going down for pasta alternatives, and why are we suddenly seeing dates and figs in everything? Is potato milk real? Keep up with our blog to explore foods in fashion for 2023!


The holidays can be a time of indulgence … maybe even over-indulgence. Now that we’ve made it through 2022, consider some new, healthier habits so you can be all you can be in 2023! Keeping an eye on your gut health, trying plant-based alternatives, and being a locavore are just three ways to start the year with your best foot forward.


Speaking of indulgence, we love beer, wine, and cocktails as much as the next person. However, mindful consumption is the new black. No alcohol and low alcohol drinks are up and coming, and we are here for it. With these new options, everyone feels welcome at cocktail parties.


The past few years have shown just how resilient people can be when faced with hard times. We adapt and move forward, stronger and smarter than before. Is COVID behind us yet? Maybe not, but the Plymouth Community has made it this far, and businesses have done a lot to adapt. From toilet paper panic to masking regulations, we are grateful that you have stuck with us through the pandemic.

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