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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

This month is known for green beer, basketball, and the beginning of Spring. However, March is always a toss-up in New Hampshire: not winter, not spring, not sure what’s going on ... we have our own seasons up here!


Nothing says Mud Season like a hearty stout! Try the High Water Brewing Campfire Stout, Kanc Country Maple Porter, or 6288 Stout from Tuckerman Brewing Company. Pick up a 6-pack and pat yourself on the back for another day of not getting your car stuck in the mud.

Make your own snack! Combine delicious, crunchy treats with savory spices!


Challenge your family and friends to some March Madness bets. Anyone can win! Fill out a bracket sheet, have a seat and we have the food. Get sandwiches for the family or send a yummy deli salad. Love cheese? Try our popular charcuterie boards! DIY meats, cheeses, olives, crackers ... the options are endless. Give us a call today and place your ballin' order.


As the days thaw from winter and warm into spring, sap starts to run. Drizzle some over a baked brie or top off the classic pancake. Don't forget to shop your local NH made syrup producer Benton's Sugar Shack!

Use #sticktocsm on Facebook or Instagram to show us how you use your delicious NH maple syrup!

We're all Irish on St Patrick’s Day! Celebrate at Biederman's with a hot reuben and a cold Guinness. Our promo ends March 31st, so come in and Get Toasty!

Daylight isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving this March!

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